We have simplified our services by intentionally working with ideal clients, within our core competencies.

Our Ideal Clients are People and Service-Based Businesses.

People are individuals and families, who appreciate working with our team year-round to make informed tax decisions and to help bring clarity to tax season.

Service-Based Businesses are small business owners, providing professional and consulting services for profit.  We work with entreprenuers who like the comfort and security of knowing they not only have a highly skilled CPA firm helping with their accounting but also have the benefit of one-stop shopping for tax preparation and planning.

Our Core Competencies are Tax and Accounting.

Tax is a complex practice with specific rules and regulations governing a wide range of people and business entities.  Our team uses our experience and access to the most current new developments in tax laws to guide our ideal clients through tax season.

Accounting is second nature to our firm.  We are service-based entreprenuers and developed an accounting model for service-based businesses to follow.  We use QuickBooks Online in our firm and believe this is the most effective business solution for our clients.  

By simplifying who we work with and focusing on the capabilities of our firm, we are able to deliver a better customer experience.  An experience that allows us to effectively collaborate with our clients.


Our firm developed a Tax Vitals™ system to collaborate with our clients.  We encourage clients to schedule time with our team for a Tax Vitals™ Checkup to keep up with business and life cycle changes.  The Tax Vitals™ Checkup and continuing history with our clients allows our team to create a Tax Vitals™ Checklist to provide clarity during tax season.  The Tax Vitals™ Checklist is a personalized and detailed list of important tax documents and information we need to prepare your tax return.  We feel the Tax Vitals™ approach distinguishes our firm and enhances the overall client relationship.

The Tax Vitals™ system allows us to to provide a touchless remote work environment to collaborate with our clients.  Health and safety challenges continue to recalibrate the behavior of people and businesses, as work-from-home will likely prove more permanent.  Our technology platform will allow us to keep the traditional client relationship alive.  By recasting how we work with our clients, we are hopeful the human connection never breaks. 

We believe in a sense of community and this will be our approach to help our firm and clients grow together.


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” 

– Steve Jobs